Affirm That You Think You Can. Then Take the Next Step

From one dance workshop I took many years ago, I learned that it’s a good idea to speak what step you’ll be taking while learning a new dance move. They said that saying what you’ll do helps the brain learn more efficiently. After I learned that, I’d say the steps of a new move out loud to myself: “right foot back, left food side, right foot close” etc. while learning a dance figure. Doing this really helped me learn a dance figure much easier and I think faster than if I didn’t say the steps.

What we say with our mouth helps our brain and body follow suit. Saying an affirmation helps me focus more on the positive rather on a negative or limiting belief. gives a meaning of affirmation as “the assertion that something exists or is true.” One of my favorite children’s books that has affirmations is The Little Engine that Could. The little engine kept on saying “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can” and the little engine was able to go over the mountain while the other trains the children previously asked to go over the mountain had some kind of excuse. One tired train said “I can not. I can not. I can not.”

One of my friends had mentioned that she used affirmations while she was giving birth. Giving birth is definitely a time when a woman is summoning all of her inner resources so she “can do it,” so that she can give birth.

For something that you have not done before, it’s a good idea to say an affirmation that asserts that it is true. This will train your brain to believe that it’s possible. How about try saying affirmations when taking steps for finding a mate?

  • I think I can date.
  • I can start dating.
  • I can find a mate.
  • I can believe in myself.
  • I think I can join a dating site.
  • I can join a dating site.
  • I can do this.
  • I can open myself to love.
  • I think I can.
  • I can.

Say to yourself, what step you will do next and that will help your body move to where you want to go.