Catholic Marriage Prep – A Division of Agapè Catholic Ministries

I came across www.catholicmarriageprep.com a few weeks ago and was glad to have found an online resource for Catholic Couples preparing for marriage. I recently asked them a few questions about their ministry and Ashley of Catholic Marriage Prep was so kind to answer them. Celeste: How did Catholic Marriage Prep get started? Catholic Marriage Prep: Catholic Marriage Prep started in 1999 at the request… Read More »Catholic Marriage Prep – A Division of Agapè Catholic Ministries

Happy birthday Mother Mary!

On September 8, the Catholic church celebrates Mother Mary’s birth. Usually it is a saint’s day of death that is recognized as the feast day as that is the day when they entered eternal life. The Catholic church does celebrate three birthdays:Jesus’s birthSt. John the Baptist’s birth andMother Mary’s birth.Fr. Francis B. Ongkingco in Cebu Daily News statesThere are only two exceptions where the saint’s birthdays are… Read More »Happy birthday Mother Mary!

We Can Follow St. Paul’s Advice in Romans 12:1-2 in Choosing to Live a Chaste Life

In Romans 12:1, St. Paul urges us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. There are many ways that we can offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. One way is by doing penance for the sins of others. Another way is to offer service in the military to defend the freedom of others even if it means experiencing war, bodily injury, and pain.… Read More »We Can Follow St. Paul’s Advice in Romans 12:1-2 in Choosing to Live a Chaste Life

The Angelus Prayer

Sometimes, we wonder if our toil of work, our prayers, and our kindnesses will amount to anything. It can feel that the sowing of our hard work, prayers, or the sowing of our kind words may not avail to anything. And that is the time we are to pray even more. When dwelling on this thought about whether hard work will be worth it in… Read More »The Angelus Prayer

Praise in the Morning

The first time I heard the song “Morning Has Broken,” I thought it was so very beautiful. I heard the song at a mass at Mater Dolorosa at one of their fiestas. The song talks about praise in the morning: “Blackbird has spoken Like the first bird. Praise for the singing! Praise of the morning!” Since the beginning of the year, I have been working… Read More »Praise in the Morning

Three Green Flags in Dating

Three Green Flags in Dating A green flag in dating is one signal you can look at to consider moving forward in a dating relationship. Three things that can help Catholic women decide if it is a good idea to move forward in a dating relationship are: The man you are dating takes his Catholic faith seriously and goes to mass and reconciliation on a… Read More »Three Green Flags in Dating