A Special Summer Novena Starting on the Feast of the Assumption

I know what a novena is. I knew that a prayer said over nine days for a particular intention is a novena. I’ve prayed novenas before and I realized that there can be a novena to pray the rosary for nine days, a novena to St. Joseph, a novena to the Holy Spirit, etc.

One summer several years ago at a Theology on Tap event, one of my friends invited me to join her and some other single ladies in a novena to pray for a husband. She said that when a group of people pray for the same intention that it’s more powerful. We were to start a rosary novena on August 15, the feast of the Assumption.

Since I was still single, I was enthusiastic to join this novena.

Then, she mentioned that it was a fifty-four day novena.

I didn’t know about a 54 day novena.

My friend explained more about it. She said that it was 27 days petitioning for your intention and 27 days praying in thanksgiving for your prayer being answered. I had not heard of that before – about praying in thanksgiving for your petition being answered. I liked that idea. The idea of praying in thanksgiving gave me hope as I was praying. I gave myself permission to imagine what it would feel like to have my prayer answered.

I didn’t meet the man who was to be my husband in those 54 days, but I do attribute that prayer towards helping me find my husband. Within about 3 years, 3 of us who prayed the 54 day novena were married.

Have you heard about a fifty-four day novena? I would recommend for you to try it. I’ve actually read on the internet of a couple other women who have prayed a 54 day novena and it worked for them in finding a husband.

Basically, what my friends and I did was to pray the rosary for 54 days. The first 27 days were for  petitioning to find a husband. So, we did 3 sets of novenas. (Three is for the trinity.) The next 27 days we prayed in thanksgiving that our prayer intention of finding a husband was answered.

Our 54 day novena started on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15. If you choose to start a 54 day novena, you and your friends can start a novena on that day or any other day. I do like the idea of either starting or ending on a Marian feast day.

Will you consider a 54 day novena asking to find a husband? Will you ask your friends to join you? Remember, a group of people praying with the same intent is more powerful than individual prayers.

It worked for me. It might work for you, too.