Ways Catholic Singles Can Meet and Date During the Coronavirus

Maybe some of you have wondered if you can meet someone during these times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t doubt. Be creative. Search the internet. Ask your friends if they have ideas on how to meet with people.

Just because there’s a pandemic, that does not mean that love is closed and there’s no possibility of meeting someone to date.

Here are some ways that you can find other single Catholics and even “date” during these times.

  1. You can meet at a park and walk side by side each other to get to know each other.
  2. You’ve probably attended several online meetings. If you haven’t been on Zoom before COVID, now you’re most likely very familiar with it now. Whatever video platform of choice you use, just check for the words resources, tutorial, getting started, or get help to get started in using the platform.

If you’re not so comfortable online, you might want to ask a friend if you can practice with Zoom or whatever platform before you go on your first online “date.”

Many Catholic singles groups are meeting on Zoom or some other video platform. Even though their websites or Facebook groups are not updated, I know of groups that are meeting online. So, don’t let not seeing information about online meetings deter you. Find a contact number on the Facebook page or website. Or message the Facebook page and see if you get a response.

  1. Here are a couple singles Facebook groups for Catholic singles:
    • Catholic Singles Network.com
    • Single Catholics Looking for Love / Prayer Group
    • You can also search on Facebook “Ministry with Young Adults” or “Young Adult Ministry.”

Many Catholic singles Facebook groups list events on the Events tab.

  1. A couple organizations for Catholic singles that have chapters throughout the world include
    • Catholic Alumni Club
    • Singles for Christ

To search if there’s a chapter of the Catholic Alumni Club or Singles for Christ, you can do a

search online or on your social media of choice by typing:


               When searching on a search engine, type “Catholic Alumni Club” and your location.   (When

               doing searches online and you want to make sure that the searches a phrase as one entity, 

               put quotation marks around the phrase.)


               When you get on their website, see if they have a calendar of events and look for a way to

               contact the organization.


  1. National Catholic Singles Conference will be having their first ever NCSC Virtual Encounter 2020 on September 24 through September 26. Their website https://nationalcatholicsingles.com/ncsc-virtual-encounter-2020/ says that they will have registration information coming soon.
  2. Check Eventbrite.com for Catholic singles events with the following search terms:
    • Virtual and “Catholic singles”
    • Catholic singles events
    • Catholic dating
    • Catholic book club
    • Catholic seminar
  1. Denver Catholic Speed Dating has been hosting dozens of online Catholic speed dating events throughout the world during COVID. Even though you are not part of a certain area, you can still join online. Check out their website at https://www.denvercatholicspeeddate.com/ Their speed dating and Rosaries on Zooms are continually updated on their website and Facebook page. Read about how Denver Catholic Speed Dating started in 2006 at https://www.denvercatholicspeeddate.com/how-it-started/
  2. Ask your single and married friends if they know of any online or in person events where you can meet other Catholics. One or more of your friends might have a wonderful and creative way to date during these times.

You might just find a new friend at the next event you go to.