St John Vianney, Cure De Ars, Pray for Us

I remember first reading about St. John Vianney’s struggles with becoming a priest in Rediscovering the Saints by Matthew Kelly. I had known about St. John Vianney and that many people had come to see him for confession and that he would listen for hours.

From listening to today’s homily through the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Youtube channel, I learned that St. John Vianney was sent to Ars because he had struggles with studies going through seminary and because of this he was sent to a far away town were the people were not too religious. I also learned this his vocation was considered a late vocation.

I decided to learn more about St. John Vianney since today is his feast day. He is the patron saint of parish priests.

I learned a lot more about St. John Vianney by reading the online from,, and a webpage about the Shrine of St. Vianney on the website. I even saw a Youtube video from the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council on the Incorrupt Heart of St. John Vianney.

Here’s what I learned about St. John Vianney:

    • Curé is French for pastor
    • His full name is Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney
    • He died August 4, 1859.
    • His body was exhumed and was found to be incorrupt.
    • The major relic of St. John Vianney is entrusted to the Knights of Columbus
    • John Vianney’s catechism and his first communion were done in secret due to the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror
    • John Vianney had trouble
    • He attributes St. Philomena for many miracles
    • He was drafted into the army of Napoleon
    • He was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and named as the patron saint of priest by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010
    • He had trouble with Latin, which was the language of his studies to become a priest. He had to be tutored in Latin. He failed is final exams for ordination twice and was assigned for further training under a priest who was in a neighboring village even after his ordination.
    • The online websites I read varied in the number of hours Saint John Vianney heard confession every day. It was between 12 and 18 hours that he heard confession. Even 12 hours is a long time!

Many times, we don’t know the struggles of people. For many years I had known that people would go on pilgrimages during the time of St. John Vianney for confession and that he would hear confessions for many hours. I didn’t know that he had troubles with his studies and that he failed exams before being ordained a priest. It’s just recently that I’ve learned that because he didn’t do so well in his studies as a priest that nothing much was expected from him. Boy, were they wrong.  At that time he was considered a late vocation. He became a priest at 30.

If you think that you are late in figuring out what your vocation is and you are having trouble with your studies, you can look to St. John Vianney for inspiration. Ask for his intercession. I am sure he’ll spiritually pastor you to where God would want you to be.

References Knights of Columbus Supreme Council YouTube channel