Tips for Getting Started in the Habit of Becoming Organized

Here are some tips for getting started in the habit of becoming organized:

    • Have a launching pad area where you’ll put all your things you need before going to work or going out on errands. This “launching pad” can have your purse, jacket, gloves, lunch, keys, etc. Having a specific place to “launch” your day can ease the stress of getting ready in the morning.
    • Start out small when starting to create the habits of organization. Add daily tasks one at a time.
    • On Day 1, start with Task A (such as getting your launching pad ready.)
    • On Day 2, do Task A then add another task, Task B (such as sorting through the mail pile) before going to bed.
    • On Day 3, you’ll do Task A, Task B, and Task C (maybe making sure your kitchen sink does not have any dirty dishes. It’s better to clean dirty dishes right away since it is easier to wash than days later when food gunk gets dried up. I know since I’ve done this many times.)
    • Keep going until you have about 5 to 7 habits that you are doing consistently for about 21 to 40 days, which is how long experts say it takes to develop a habit.

Organizing is a habit, so be easy with yourself if you get frustrated in your quest to be organized. Just start your organizing journey again when your stuff gets cluttered.